Cooking in the Comfort Zone - The New Family Cook Book by Bill Aftoora
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Cooking in the Comfort Zone - Comfort Food Cookbook for the entire Family! Over 300 Comfort Food Recipes - Offered by GuRoux Brands and Bill Aftoora

Meet Your Kitchen Companions

Neat Nick Is safety minded and kitchen smart. Neat Nick and Sue Chef are designed to pick up on the thought process of the cook and answer questions that arise throughout the cooking process.
A spin on "sous chef" which in French means second in command in the kitchen. She offers different ways the main recipes can be tweaked and why or how things are done or made.

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Points out the meatless dishes and also how to convert a recipe to meatless. For those that choose and enjoy meatless, this is a welcome addition and a significant breakthrough in cook books and how a cook book relates to its user.


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