Cooking in the Comfort Zone - The New Family Cook Book by Bill Aftoora
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Cooking in the Comfort Zone - Comfort Food Cookbook for the entire Family! Over 300 Comfort Food Recipes - Offered by GuRoux Brands Company and Bill Aftoora

Press Release

Delicious Cook Book
April 21, 2003
Flavored With Family-Style Comfort Foods

Cleveland, OH --- Fire up the stove! Get out the mixing bowls! This new cook book will have everyone up taste treats the whole family will enjoy. "Cooking in the Comfort Zone, The New Family Cook Book" by author/chef Bill Aftoora is hot off the press and ready to fly off bookstore shelves into the hands of both the novice and more experienced cook looking for a dependable resource for easy and delicious meals.

With over 300 mouthwatering Comfort Food recipe favorites divided into eight sections this book is meant to whet the appetite of all ages and be a sought after addition to today's home cooks library. Each section begins with a heartfelt and witty introduction that underlines the two essential of Love and Family Values than when combined with the recipes define and summarize "the comfort zone".

Branding the Book
The colorful green and blue argyle cover design is refreshing yet proudly projects a timeless image. These elements combined, give "Cooking in the Comfort Zone" its Brand-Name appeal in the ever-popular General Cooking Category and unmistakable identity among the historically successful "American Classic Cook Books.

User Friendly and Informative
The unique arrangement of ingredients and instructions assures easy-to-understand, step-by-step preparation (see example). In addition, most recipes are punctuated with sidebars written from the viewpoint of the cast of characters Sue Chef and Neat Nick. They are intended to spark creativity, present alternative ingredients and explain foods and food preparation techniques. In addition, a Leaf Icon designed specifically for "Cooking in the Comfort Zone" flags meatless dishes and recipes that can be converted is sure to please the vegetarian palate.

Cook Book grows with family
What's also unique and valuable about this book is the Updatable Book Construction. The hard cover, ring binder format can be easily added to as Author Bill Aftoora makes new recipe pages and up-to-date table of contents and index available. This allows the cook book buyer the option of keeping their book current with future editions.

About Bill Aftoora
Bill resides in Cleveland, Ohio and is a self taught student of the culinary arts who has appeared on television shows where he prepared recipes from his cook book. He is an entertaining and engaging guest and is available for TV, radio and newspaper interviews, book signings, cooking demonstrations and more.

To schedule interviews or book signings, request a copy of the book or for more information, contact Bill directly, phone 440-884-5027 or e-mail Bill directly at


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