Cooking in the Comfort Zone - The New Family Cook Book by Bill Aftoora
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Cooking in the Comfort Zone - Comfort Food Cookbook for the entire Family! Over 300 Comfort Food Recipes - Offered by GuRoux Brands Company and Bill Aftoora


What a fun cookbook! I have been married for 50 years and cooking the same ole' thing for dinner became boring. I received your cookbook as a gift. Since receiving it, the cookbook has never seen the inside of my pantry! It stays on my kitchen counter top! My husband loves the meals I have been preparing him! And I love the easy to understand recipes! The name says it all "Cooking in the Comfort Zone" All I have to say is "Betty who?"

Shirley L - Strongsville, OH

Let me start off by saying I married an Italian, so imagine my panic when he invited his entire family over for dinner! I really wanted to impress them, but had no idea what to make. Let me just say thanks to your cookbook his family thinks I am a wonderful cook!!! Once I started reading Cooking in the Comfort Zone I started to relax. All of the suggestions at the beginning of the book really helped. I started off with the Baba Ganoush, and the entire family (did I mention there were 15?) raved over it! I made the crusty french bread and also followed recipe for your garlic butter. My main dish was the Chicken Paprikash and dumplings. Let me just say, there were no leftovers! The only thing I enjoy using as much as your cookbook are your spices, but that is a separate review I will be writing about!

Stacey I - Seville, OH

2nd Review posted by Stacey I on our Guroux Brands Company Spices -

You should have an option for 10 stars.  That is how I fell about your spices.  They are the only spices I use. I was going to tell you my favorite, but I could not pick just one! I cannot wait to be able to purchase them at Giant Eagle.  If you have not tried these spices, do it!  Once you do you will throw all other spices away!!!

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!! I can't get enough of this! Even my 3 year old (who may very well be the pickiest eater in the world) loves these recipes! Thank you Mr. Aftoora! Keep up the great work, and please keep me posted on upcoming products!

Samantha Brinkman - Middleburg HTS, OH

I received an E-Mail recently that introduced me to a new cookbook. Knowing that I am an avid collector of cookbooks this one really caught my attention so I wanted to share with all of you that receive this newsletter. I am really excited about this one particular book because it is not often that one comes along as nice or clean and easy to understand. The format is outstanding and the readability is great. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand the recipe and how to prepare them. Since we are in the season of fall and moving towards winter it is time for soups and stews. They are hearty meals that really hit the spot during the cold time. This cookbook is a must for cookbook enthusiasts. I know that it will be a great addition to anyone building up a library.

Papa Cookie from Cooking 101: Back to Basics

Hey Bill - My boyfriend and I purchased the book for a Christmas gift to be given to his mother. We brought it home and started going thru all the recipes and we decided that this is just too awesome to give away!! We decided to keep it for ourselves and will order another one to give as a Christmas gift. Thanks so much!!

Debbie Harhay - Parma Hts, OH

My family and I have enjoyed the recipes in Cooking in the Comfort Zone so much that we each have one of the cook books! The recipes are so flavorful and it's easy to follow the instructions. Thank you for creating this book!

Kara Kurtz - Cleveland, OH

You've made this weekend chef a hero at home. Your recipes are outstanding and your tips on adapting those recipes to suit the resident vegetarian are fantastic. I'm ready for Volume II.

G. Griffith - Strongsville, OH

When I got the cookbook, I couldn't wait to try it out. I have made the split pea soup, sausage stuffed banana peppers (my husband's personal favorite) and mushrooms stuffed with scallops and found it was very easy to follow the recipes. We enjoyed it so much we gave the book to employees and clients last year for Christmas as well as to family and friends. This cookbook is a real jewel for easy as well as more complex recipes and I highly recommend it for all levels of culinary expertise.

Charlene Esplandiu - Bluffton, SC

I don't do much cooking, but when I received this cook book as a gift I thought I would give it a shot. I made the Meatloaf and Mac & Cheese, it was so easy and OH SO GOOD. My husband said it was the best Meatloaf I ever made and the Mac & Cheese took me back to when I was a little girl when my mother would make it. I can't wait to make something else from the book.

Rosalie McHugh - Altamonte Springs, FL

I have never done much home cooking before and was always in fear of major recipes. This cookbook made it easy, fun and delicious. The Beef Stroganoff was great! My family can't wait till I make it again and everyone is looking forward to my next meal.

Bruce Felber - Streetsboro, OH

I got your cook book. Now, I have made Mac & Cheese from scratch before and thought it was good. I followed your recipe and, it was great! I am looking forward to doing more.

Rich Williams - Toledo, OH

Since I work from home, I am also expected to prepare many of the family dinners during the week. This book makes my dinner selections easier because of the simple to follow instructions and quality of recipes.

Gus Bruno - Philadelphia, PA

Bill Aftoora - Author of Cooking in the Comfort Zone - The New Family Cookbook. "comfort food" recipes and "comfort foods"  with easy to follow recipes and ingredients. Great cook book, recipes and foods  for the whole family.A note from Bill - We will be very happy to include your own Testimonial on this page - Go to Rate this Book and send us your own Testimonial.

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